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The Build Blog
The engine part X E-mail

Januari 23, 2006

Finally the new badge re-galvanised nuts and bolts, on which we were waiting for quite some time, were collected. Worked on the engine yesterday, made a new waterpump gasket and working on a new gasket for the timebelt cover.  Ko re-assembled the intake. Made a list of items we need to order to continue.

On order are:
- 15 meter breakline 3/16"
- 2 combi sets for cleaning and sealing the fuel tanks
- 2  cans of 2 components spray paint for the fuel tanks
- 50 P-Clips 3/8"
- 12 crimp connectors for flexible breakline  3/16"
- 10 p-clips 12mm for  brake assistant
- 1 can of transparent tectyl.

No photo's taken. The missus neede the cam.


Talk back to me! E-mail

Wednesday, January 17, 2006

For all reading the build blog on a regular basis. I have added extra functionality in the website so you can leave your comments if you feel the need to reply to a blogged article I wrote.

There's 1 but... To avoid spam etc. you need to be a registered user. Registering is free and gives you access to all the written articles on the site, all links that you do not see when not logged in and now, also the comments section in the blog. Hope to see some comments soon!


New years dinner E-mail

January 16, 2007 

 To celebrate the new year,we had a dinner in the garage with the whole crew on January 8. The lift was transformed into a diningtable and the food (From the Suriname card) tasted very well! A big thank you to Bart, Ko and Hanshans for arranging this!


The reminder of this evening was used to clean up around the car. At the time of writing on the 16th, the rear brakepods where made ready for re-assembly. No pics taken as I was pretty much annoyed with the time needed to do this job. A special Thank You! goes to Ramon Richie from the Studebaker / Packard club in the Netherlands ( for helping me with this awfull job! I owe you one!



The Engine E-mail

January 3, 2007

Started remounting all parts onto the engine. Pipework was regalvanised, everything is cleaned etc. Spray  painted many more parts like gearbox and engine mounting brackets so we can test-fit the engine soon. We are awaiting for the return of a buckload of regalvanised nuts and bolts at the moment which are desperately needed to continue the job. Until these arrive we will be doing all these small jobs that do not really show real progress. But in the end they need to be done anyway!.  No photo's taken, forgot my camera yesterday evening.


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