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The Build Blog
Holiday! E-mail
August 14, 2006

Hi all, for those of you reading this and wondering were the updates are: I'm on holiday. Unfortunally a really wet holiday. At least the kids have fun. Speaking for myself: I'd rather work on the car :(

Monday evening update E-mail
Monday  July 24, 2006

Worked on the front of the car again. Created a seal for the steering rod and sikaflexed in the panels.
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After Sikaflexing the panels in, the steering rod was re-mounted, another job done.

As usual you can find the picturs in the photo-album.


Sienna to return to market? E-mail
Sunday July 23 2006,

As I speak, work is underway to bring back a Countach replica onto the market. The kit is based on a modified Sienna body, it is not sure if it will use the same chassis as was used for the Sienna though. The body is altered to look even more authentic to the real car then the Sienna ever did. One of the items that is corrected on the car is to raise the roofline. Not many people know that (all) replica's out there have an incorrect roofline. The front of the roof, were it connects to the A-pillars, is the highest point on the real Countach, however, you will find that this is not the case on almost any replica out there today. I was fortunate to receive some pictures where the correction is clearly visible.

Before roof lifting:
Click to enlarge

And after
Click to enlarge

As you can see, quite an improvement. I will have to do this on my car as well...

Anyway, if you are curious, you can find the link to the website in the links section. You will need to subscribe to my site though as I keep the commercial links reserved for members (commercial reasons). Subscribing is totally free and your details are never handed out to a 3rd party.


Long time, no updates E-mail
July 23, 2006

What can I say, the weather has been tropical last month. Temperatures in the garage over 32 degrees Celcius. As you can imagine, to hot to work hard. Did a lot of  "small" jobs instead, like designing a seal between the steering rod and the chassis. The one used before was a head lamp cover glued to the chassis with sikaflex. Not really my way of doing things. A good thing of this weather is to take the boat instead of the car to and from the garage, looking like this in the evening:

Naarden Vesting

Until the next update!

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