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The Build Blog
Update on replica Aircon Panel E-mail

November 19, 2007

Just an update on the replica panel, as I wrote before, I haven't had all the time available on this, but work has started again. The panel is made from high impact resistant urethane and on the picture below a sneak preview of a protoype. (click on pic to enlarge). Expect the non-working replica panel to be available in January 2008, the working panel a little later. Prices of the replica panel will well be below what's available on the market at this moment in time, quality will be much higher.


Prototype view

Pre-ordering the decorative non-functional panel is possible!

Contact me for details.



Milestone! E-mail

November 13, 2007

We reached a milestone on the 12th of November whereby the body was finally placed on the chassis again for a trial fit and to help us solve some design issues. 

Click to see all pics

Naturally I forgot to bring my camera for such an important occasion, so the pics are taken with my phonecam.

Also had a lenghty call with David, who will fix the body onto the chassis and correct some other cosmetical wrongs on the car like the roofline. We are looking at early January to bring the car over to Nottingham to have some panels redone and the roofline corrected.

In the meantime we will work on things like the climate control etc.

The fake replica aircon panel is planned to be deliverable at the start of the new year. The working version will take a bit longer unfortunally. Had some busy times lately so could not dedicate all my time to this.


Out of Sikaflex E-mail

October 24, 2007

We ran out of Sikaflex last Monday so we couldn't proceed with the lower parts of the firewall. Instead started with cutting the side panels on the front to close off the steering rack compartment from the elements.

Side panel. 

The steering rod will be covered within a second cover mounted on the rod and the aluminium panel to keep dirt and water out. The panel will be mounted with Sikaflex and bolts, so we can always take it off whenever we need to do maintenance on the steering rack itself. Next to this we started with the brake lines in the front of the car. The flexible lineshave been made, now need to make the fixed lines.


This is already the 5th firewall topic... E-mail

October 11, 2007

This is already the 5th firewall topic, and it still isn't the last one. Installing the firewall is more work then I initially  thought. But we're getting there.

The mid section was installed last week and this week we installed the 2 upper triangles. 

Next week I hope to have installed the lower 2 triangles so we can close this chapter and move on to the fitment of the body.


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