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The Build Blog
Sahara update E-mail
For those of you who are interested, I got another call out of the Maroccan Desert yesterday evening. All is well now, but yesterday the 2CV's were plagued with tyre problems. No less then five! flat tyres on 1 day, with only 4 spares. Fortunally they found a shabby little village with a small garage were the tyres could be repaired. The day before that, all fins from the cooling fan broke off after hitting the water too hard during a river crossing. Again a small garage helped out and one of the 2CV's now drives around with a peugeot cooling fan. They are now halfway, another week of Sahara adventure ahead.

More history! E-mail
I have added part 1 of an article out of the Whick Kit? Italian Supercars issue from long, long time ago. It gives a clear insight on the early history of the real Countach until the last replica that was produced in the UK.
You can find the article in the history section from the main menu.

Happy reading!

Willem's Mirage E-mail
Hello reader,

As mentioned earlier, I have been visiting Willem who is building a Mirage replica about 10km from my house! You UK'rs are probably not impressed but here in Holland I think that an estimate of 10 Countach replica's in the country is a quite accurate estimate! Anyway, pictures of Willem's car can be found here.

Regards, Theo
2CV's in the Sahara E-mail
I know, I know, it has got nothing to do with the Countach, but today I have received a satellite call out of the Sahara. The 2CV's are enduring hard times. Yesterday a fueltank was dented even with the re-enforced plates underneath it, causing the fuel line to be out of order. They ran with a jerrycan on the engine cover for half a day before fixing the problem in the evening. Today 2 cars had a total of 3 flat tires! Apart from that, all goes fine. A shower is thoroughly missed!

Tomorrow I am going to visit Willem to have a look at his Mirage build. Taking my camera so expect photo's!

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