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It was nice while it lasted, but the guestbook could not be signed anymore after I applied some security patches. I might try te reinstate it in the future. For now please do use the contact me option in the main menu.


What do you know, a fellow builder!
Amazing how small the world can be, today I had the pleasure to meet Willem. He lives quite close to me, but what is more amazing, he is also building a Countach replica! If you consider that there's an estimate of 5 Countach replica's in the whole Netherlands, this is quite unique. Willem visited our workshop, we talked for about 2 hours and I showed him the Sienna bits and pieces. Next Saturday I will pay a return visit to Willem to have a look at the Mirage he is building. A positive result of this first visit was that his motivation to continue the build has had a serious boost ;-) Did not work on the engine today due to the visitor. But since I am recovering from the flu, I didn't really mind.


An apology to everyone that has come to this page looking for links (as advertised in my Google advertisement) I don't know when it happened but I must have unpublished the link section somehow. Anyway. It's back there now!

Inlet gasket
What is it with Rover dealers in the Netherlands? I've tried to order an inlet gasket first in Breda. No answer on E-Mails and when I had them on the phone, they were reluctant to ship one. They gave me the number of a Rover dealer in my neighborhood. These people also did not respond to e-mail, once I called them, they promised to call me back, which they didn't. When I called them again the excuse was that they wrote down my number wrong. After hours of waiting the news was that they couldn't deliver the part. (A Rover dealer!) Then I called a Rover dealer close to my work, they fortunally have the gasket, will pick one up on Monday. Bottom line: Some businesses do not want your money, even when you almost throw it at them!

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